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Welcome to the Stage: Webcomics & Expectations

Welcome to the first article of the KISS: Usability & Webcomics 101 series. So What Is Usability? Jakob Nielsen defines usability as “a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use”. It is all about how the site looks and behaves, as well as how easily new and experienced visitors can navigate [...]

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Keep it Seriously Simple: Usability & Webcomics 101

It’s website design 101, but faced with the huge blank canvas of a browser it can be easy to forget that the website doesn’t exist for you. It exists for them. Your readers. If you can’t make your website easy to navigate, accessible, and attractive, you will miss out on visitors who might otherwise stay [...]

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5 Great “Long-form” Webcomic Websites

I love websites that are easy to use and extend the look and feel of the comic they support. Here, in no particular order, are five long-form comic sites whose designs I really like (and whose comics I enjoy). Lackadaisy Cats Although Tracy Butler has broken the “golden rule” of putting your comic on the [...]

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