Rise of the Horned Serpent

Ishe likes to confront her problems with her fists—too bad her current problem is a dragon.

Her sister Yaki has always used her looks to get what she wants. But when she is injured, only a deal with the dragon will keep her alive.

Together, these two sisters must escape the dragon or be forced into his service against the only home they have ever known.

It will take both steel and silk in equal measure to break this cage.

After Yaki and Ishe’s rebellion is brutally put down by Yaz’noth, Yaki is sent to the Golden Hills. There she must acquire the quicksilver that the dragon demands though any means necessary or Ishe will suffer a fate worse than her own. Burdened with Yaz’noth’s mechanical heart, Yaki’s only ally in this endeavor is the lecherous Guro and he isn’t enough.

Now even as the authorities hunt for her, Yaki must gather together a host of both willing and unwitting allies or leave her sister to rot in the Dragon’s cage.

Yaki and Ishe are running at full speed. 

Yaki and her new allies have the quicksilver, the price of her sister’s freedom, nearly in hand, but the reach of the Steward is long and his priests are closing in. Can she hold her small group together, and embrace the changes the dragon’s heart has wrought in her, long enough to pull off the biggest heist in Golden Hills’ history?

Meanwhile, Ishe has escaped from Yaz’noth’s mountain with the aid of Hawk and Sparrow, and they’re running for more than just their lives. She hopes to reach Yaki before her sister hands Yaz’noth his most coveted weapon against their city. She might need to start praying because the only way out is down a murderous river filled to the brim with ancient death. Ishe’s brave, but can she be crafty enough to help her small band reach freedom?

Yaz’noth has the quicksilver and is ready to claim the empty throne of the Golden Hills’ Sun Emperor.

Yaki and Ishe have each other, a ragtag crew of mutants, and a tiny airship. Against a dragon who can rip battleships apart, they’re going to need something much more powerful; and quickly. If they fail, Golden Hills will burn and Yaz’noth will be the first dragon in millennia to claim, first, the throne and then the empire itself.

Can the twins work fast enough to stop him? And at what cost?