Altered Carbon review, the book

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Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, Audio version I finished this book three days ago. The scenes, the characters and the technology are still coming back to me at moments of pondering. Good, bad or ugly, this gritty cyberpunk thriller certainly leaves an impression. The central technology of Altered Carbon is that at birth everyone no matter how poor is outfitted with a stack, a hard drive for the mind. Unless the stack is destroyed a person isn’t considered dead, they can be resleeved into a new body. This is of course expensive, prices...

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Review of Dyrk Ashton’s Paternus (Slightly Spoilerific)

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I don’t review many books. It doesn’t make much sense to publish critical reviews as an Author. And when I do enjoy a book I have a tendency to inhale it, usually finishing the book within 48 hours of picking them up. This rapid reading doesn’t leave a lot of time for analysis. Things can be misremembered or hazy as I sit back and ponder what made a book great. With that disclaimer out of the way I’m going to jump on into a review of Dyrk Ashton’s Paternus. This book was selected as a Fantasy-Faction’s Self...

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A Newbie’s view of the Nebulas

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Last weekend I went to SFWA’s Nebula Weekend.  Despite the fact that I am both an indy publisher and not actually a member of SFWA. I had a blast. I met fellow writers, talked to them, ate dinner with them and attended panels. I even gave a presentation and participated in a panel despite being a relative nobody. Thanks to the mentor program I was introduced to a series of awesome folk on the first day, who I continued to converse with through out the weekend.  Beyond even that friendly group nearly everyone at the weekend was...

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Off Leash Now Available at Amazon!

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I’m proud to announce that my first published novel: Off Leash is now available on Amazon! It’s the first in the Freelance Familiars Series. The plan is that it will be on Amazon exclusively for the first 90 days where it will be KU select, then it will be released on the other stores. The book was copy edited by Marianne Fox and contains artwork by Beth Ermine. Here’s the Blurb: When Thomas Khatt awakens to the magical world following the sudden, violent death of his elderly Archmagus neighbor, he doesn’t get the standard package of awesome...

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Why is Thomas a cougar?

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Nobody has asked me this question. Which is a little odd until I consider the fact the few folks who have read the book know me pretty well. If you know me pretty well then you’ll probably figure out I like cougars. Off Leash began life as a silly nanowrimo project while my brain cooled off from writing a complicated space opera. Had I sat down and said Freelance Familiars would be my first novel that was good enough to publish I never would have written it. It’s a story I wrote for myself.   So Thomas became a cougar because cougars are...

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Online, we are go.

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This Author site (mine) is online! Many thanks to my lovely wife and webmaster Amanda.  

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