A Newbie’s view of the Nebulas


Last weekend I went to SFWA’s Nebula Weekend.  Despite the fact that I am both an indy publisher and not actually a member of SFWA.

I had a blast.

I met fellow writers, talked to them, ate dinner with them and attended panels. I even gave a presentation and participated in a panel despite being a relative nobody. Thanks to the mentor program I was introduced to a series of awesome folk on the first day, who I continued to converse with through out the weekend.  Beyond even that friendly group nearly everyone at the weekend was approachable.

This conference was the first one that I attended that I didn’t feel like just another attendee but an actual (if junior) peer.  The panels were excellent and each one gave me something to take away.  Major props to Mary Robinette Kowal for the programming.

I got absolutely no flack for being self published and most folks I talked to admired all the work it took to be self published.  I heard a few folks on panels bemoan the loss of gatekeepers but these were minor moments.  Fellow pure self pubbers were few and far between, however being a hybrid author was definitely trending.

The Nebulas themselves proved to be a highly entertaining affair. John Hodgeman appeared on stage flanked by Boba Fett and a Klingon, then proceed to keep the evening speeding along. Unfortunately I did not have the time to read through the nominated works before the weekend so I cannot comment on as to whom among the nominees I would have voted for.  Next year I will have better time management. There were plenty of heart felt speeches and very surprised looking winners.

A weekend very well spent.