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Altered Carbon review, the book

Posted by Daniel Potter on Mar 31, 2018

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, Audio version I finished this book three days ago. The scenes, the characters and the technology are still coming back to me at moments of pondering. Good, bad or ugly, this gritty cyberpunk thriller certainly leaves an impression....

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Review of Dyrk Ashton’s Paternus (Slightly Spoilerific)

Posted by Daniel Potter on Oct 16, 2016

I don’t review many books. It doesn’t make much sense to publish critical reviews as an Author. And when I do enjoy a book I have a tendency to inhale it, usually finishing the book within 48 hours of picking them up. This rapid reading doesn’t leave...

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A Newbie’s view of the Nebulas

Posted by Daniel Potter on May 17, 2016

Last weekend I went to SFWA’s Nebula Weekend.  Despite the fact that I am both an indy publisher and not actually a member of SFWA. I had a blast. I met fellow writers, talked to them, ate dinner with them and attended panels. I even gave a presentation and...

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